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  • Installation Services

    1. Within three working days after the customer receives the equipment, we will send engineers to the local for installation, commissioning and staff training. The working time is determined according to the contract.
    2. After arriving at the customer's factory, the engineer will test and evaluate the customer's preliminary preparations and make a work plan (in written form).
    3. After the client's construction personnel arrive at the site:
    A. Make construction preparations according to the construction plan;
    B. Construct according to the construction plan steps. If the construction plan of the day is not completed, the Engineer shall communicate with the customer in time;
    C. The installation enters the final step. The customer prepares the workers responsible for production in the later stage. After the installation, it enters the commissioning stage;
    D. In the commissioning stage, the workers actively cooperate with the engineers, who train the workers during commissioning and commissioning (equipment commissioning methods, precautions and operation essentials)
    4. Our engineers answer the questions of the customer's employees during installation, commissioning and training.
    5. After the test run, it will be operated by the customer's staff and guided by our engineers. During the operation of the machine, the customer will evaluate the equipment.
    6. After 4 days of normal operation of the machine, the engineer completes the work and the customer signs the after-sales service document of Wang's machinery.