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  • The molding link is very important in the production of egg tray machine

      The molding link is very important in the production of egg tray machine. There is no need to add this link here. It is very simple to add or do not need other products. If you want to add additives or add sizes as needed, this step is also very important, because adding additives means that ordinary egg tray can obtain other new functions, such as water resistance. Therefore, the weight of additives should be strictly controlled, Then make its function more reasonable. This kind of dough completes the requirements, and then makes the operation complex and important.
      the molding of egg tray machine is also of great importance. Why? Because in the molding process, it is mainly through the adsorption of pulp molding. If you encounter the quality problem of eggs, if it is not adsorption (vacuum), the quality will be reduced (for example, eggs become worse, impatient and rigid). All of them are not formed by adsorption. The adsorption force comes from the suction vacuum pump and the power of dehydration. Too much simple molding will damage the mold, The forming quality is too poor, so suction control is particularly important.