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  • How to ensure the quality of egg tray equipment

      The temperature in the drying channel can usually reach 105 - 200 degrees Celsius. No matter what kind of drying equipment is selected, the equipment itself is required to have a good thermal insulation layer to prevent heat loss, and the structure of the equipment shall be able to ensure that the temperature of internal components is uniform. There are two main ways to obtain hot air. One is to directly produce hot air by burning in a hot blast stove. The other is to use steam to generate hot air through heat exchange with air. Hot air is used as the drying medium in the drying channel, and the heat source can be coal, fuel oil or natural gas.
      if you want to ensure the quality of the egg tray equipment, you should pay special attention to the raw materials. Only by ensuring the quality and safety of raw materials can you finally obtain high-quality products and make full use of them. Most people do not guarantee the safety of raw materials, which may lead to unqualified overall quality.
      since the egg tray will shape the pulp, the pulp will be adsorbed in the pulp can and the surrounding of the egg tray will be dirty by the pulp. These need to be cleaned in time, not only to ensure that the egg tray machine is clean, but also wear the machine if too much pulp residue is accumulated. When cleaning the egg rack machine, please avoid polishing with hard steel ball, chemical wipe or steel brush. Please use soft towel, soft cloth, water or neutral detergent, otherwise it will cause scratch or corrosion. The egg tray equipment is made of stainless steel. Under normal conditions, the egg tray equipment will not rust.
      however, if the card is not used or maintained properly, or the environment of the card is too poor, the card may rust. It is necessary to improve the maintenance awareness of egg tray machine and do a good job in maintenance. Improper use of carding machine will lead to rust and degumming. Attention should be paid to the correct use of methods to prevent the occurrence of these two phenomena.