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  • How to make egg tray machine equipment

      Egg tray machines can be seen everywhere in our life, so how are they made?
      let's give you a detailed introduction.
      the first step is beating. Put the waste paper into the pulper, add water and other raw materials to break it into pulp. This process is equivalent to recycling waste paper into the furnace. This is their first step in laying eggs.
      step 2: shaping. The slurry after polishing is transported to the forming machine through pipeline.
      egg tray forming machine is called egg tray machine equipment. Different molds on the host can be used to produce different types of egg trays. Once formed, the automatic egg tray device manufacturer's basic shape, the egg tray device comes out, but at this time they are still wet. We need to move on.
      the main drying energy in the production of egg tray equipment such as pulp molding can be diesel, natural gas, coal, wood and egg tray equipment. According to the local prices of these sources, customers can choose cheaper sources. Egg tray devices, such as pulp molds, have been widely used all over the world. As different customers have different market demands for egg tray equipment such as pulping, the production line specifications of egg tray equipment such as pulping are also different.
       it is suitable for you and the public. It has the characteristics of novel style, reasonable structure, convenient operation, fast heating speed, uniform heating and so on. It is suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, cold drinks shops, snack bars, bars and other places. At present, there are many egg saucers sold, which are particularly good in combination with consumers' tastes.
       the cushioning and shockproof protection of the equipment of the egg liquid production line is realized through the elasticity of the fiber itself and the carefully designed geometric structure. A large number of practical applications and tests show that the protection of packaging materials by egg tray production line equipment is enough to replace EPS, and egg tray production line equipment packaging is an ideal environmental protection substitute for EPS packaging.
      therefore, EPS products will be eliminated with the development of the global economy, the improvement of domestic related and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection. Egg tray production line equipment will become a "green product" recognized by the society because of its good performance and excellent environmental protection characteristics