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  • Accelerating the development steps of pulp mold industry

      It is imperative for our country to cancel foam plastic tableware at the end of the year. Professionals pointed out that to speed up the development of pulp mold industry, we must start from the following steps.
       1. Increase the technical investment in the pulp mold industry, transform the backward production process of the built product factory, establish an industrial scientific research base and establish a professional scientific research and technical consulting team.
      2. Take industry standardization as the top priority, speed up the formulation of relevant industry standards, strengthen industry governance and promote the development of this young industry.
       3. The technical level of personnel in the pulp mold industry and the basic theory of the pulp mold industry are not systematic and complete, so it is an urgent task for the development of the industry from education to.
      in terms of production technology, this technology is simple and practical. The quality of personnel in each process of the production line is not very high. They are very skilled and can be used after short-term training. In addition, their equipment has a high degree of localization, which is very conducive to the promotion of the project, which also provides convenient conditions for the rapid development of environmental protection advantages of pulp molding products.
      from the perspective of capital investment, the threshold of pulp molding project is relatively low. Tens of thousands of equipment can produce more than 1 ton of products per day, tens of thousands of medium-sized production lines and large-scale production lines of more than 10 tons per day. Using the current technology, the equipment investment is only more than 200000 yuan.
       after years of production and application, the full-automatic pulp forming equipment production line is an automatic production line with stable performance, high output, few operators, safety and energy saving. It can be used to produce all kinds of pulp molding industrial packaging, pulp molding environmental protection tableware, pulp molding egg rack, pulp molding seedling cup, paper mold toy products, pulp molding disposable products, etc. It can also produce two-color and two light pulp molded products according to user needs.
      the equipment has a number of patents, and the production lines are exported to many regions. Paper packaging paper products come from the grass cellulose of trees, especially the raw materials of pulp molding products are waste paper and annual herbs. Rich raw materials and cheap prices. After the product is used, the waste is easy to decompose and does not damage the environment. It can also save a lot of energy in the pulping process with paper as raw material, so as to meet the requirements of protecting resources and environment. For plastic products, pulp molded products are comparable in lightness, practicality and hygiene.