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  • Small egg tray machine

      Today, I'll teach you to make a supporting egg tray machine. After crushing, cutting and processing cycles, it can be installed at will.
       small egg tray machine has long replacement cycle, low production cost and strong process. It can be replaced before production with low cost and can not be changed, but it can not be processed before production. The egg cone adopts mechanical spraying and compression, with larger spraying area and faster processing speed, which is faster than general electric welding equipment.
       low temperature heat management of small egg tray machine is mainly used for high and low temperature three-phase heating process and mobile system, and is mainly used for pipeline dredging.
       the cyclone egg tray mechanism is mainly composed of screw valve, bottom valve group, volume unit group, fan, etc. According to the scope of production, imported raw material screw valve and portable screw valve are adopted.
      small egg tray machine features: it has internal pressure resistance and good wear resistance. The rotating egg tray machine is composed of reinforcement and roller, which is connected with the rotating pressure indicator. Rotate with the fixed machine. Advantages: beautiful appearance, mature technology, stable liquid level, wide fluctuation range and stable transportation.